Book Details:

130 pages
79 color photographs

Size 8"x10" Hard Cover
Printed in The U.S.A.

Book Foreword

If a picture tells a thousand words, the pictures of Alessandro Sarno have given us a mirror into our own world in The Bahamas. Through this looking glass of photography, he has been able to capture specific moments in time and history that combine to give us the great majestic symphony that is Junkanoo. Junkanoo is a symphony of a people, hundreds of people coming together to play one song about one moment, about one destiny as humanity. Junkanoo is the heartbeat of who we are as a People—it captures the voice, the unity,
the strength, and the beauty of The Bahamas in every sound, in every step.

Junkanoo tells the story of our collective consciousness in the spirit of galvanizing and humanizing a nation. By engaging all the senses, we bring together hands and hearts, minds and bodies, into One Song. One Dance. One People. All our intellectual, artistic, and spiritual endeavors are revealed in this common loftier goal. And all ancestors smile as we speak the language of how far we have come … by faith.

As a young boy, I learned this art form at the feet of masters such as John "Chippie” Chipman, Percy "Vola” Francis, and Dr. Phillip Thompson. Born at Fort Fincastle, we rushed for the Mighty Saxons … we rang bells,
beat drums, and danced for the revolution. When you love Junkanoo, she will love you back! Junkanoo is a constant Cultural Metamorphosis. It is the Art of being Bahamian.

I wish to congratulate Alessandro Sarno for coming to The Bahamas, and putting his hands and heart into the soil, picking up a picture of us as a people as we stand with the rest of the great artists and geniuses in the world.

Mr. Sarno’s love of The Bahamas is evident in his photography, and especially in his images of the family islands, such as his fantastic Catch Da Cat book about Cat Island, as well as what he continues to do for young people in highlighting the vision of the majesty of us as a people, which shows clearly through the eyes of his camera.

If a picture tells a thousands words, then you have told us an entire story about Junkanoo, and we thank you. God Bless you.

Dr. Daniel Johnson
Minister of Youth, Sports, and Culture 2012 – 2017