Alessandro Sarno is a photographer born and raised in Italy. Twelve years ago he made his first trip to The Bahamas, and it was a trip that changed his life. Mesmerized by the incredible blue waters, he was compelled to buy his first camera. What started out as a short vacation transformed into a deep love for both photography and for the The Bahamas, where he still feels most inspired to capture everyday moments of life. Sarno has published five coffee table books portraying life in the islands: Exumas—The Kingdom of Blue, Eleuthera—The Garden of Freedom, Junkanoo–The Spirit of a People, Catch Da Cat, and Blue and Beyond. Sarno’s work has been featured in many group shows in The Bahamas and the United States, including Art Ft. Lauderdale’s January 2020 Art Fair on the Water. A special exhibit of Sarno’s Bahamian portraits is planned at The Betsy Hotel in Miami Beach this Fall. Sarno’s photography focuses on the details and crossroads of daily life: community gatherings, worship services, wildlife, vistas of solitude, rhythms of connection, a forgotten corner, an unexpected treasure, small details illuminating humanity’s vastness. His personal notes and thoughts on exploring and finding the people and places that make for a more memorable and deeper visitor experience (beyond the usual routes) are found in his unique curated photographic books: The Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park and in Eleuthera, White Bull on the Highway. His passion for travel and being in the moment opens Sarno up to fully experiencing the places and people he meets along the way. “I believe that once a scene or portrait is captured and framed into a photograph, it is elevated to a higher dimension, to a limbo between reality and imagination. It becomes visual poetry, where words are replaced by shapes, spaces, colors, lines, light, and shadows. ”Enjoying the distinctive energy of each new person or landscape he encounters, Sarno considers photography his ongoing travel companion. His artistic name, “The Lonesome Photographer” draws inspiration from the classic road-less-traveled book, Lonesome Traveler, by novelist and poet, Jack Kerouac.