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Giusto Libri Miami


11.5"x 12.5" Hardcover

242 pages
226 color photographs

Printed in Italy in October 2022

ISBN 979-8-9868999-0-9

About the book

The images you will see in the book Miami - Jungleland reflect my feelings and my experience in the city, so you won’t necessarily find all the iconic and most known tourist places. On the contrary, you will encounter unassuming corners enlightened by a special light, or two homeless people sleeping hugged up to each other on a park bench. It’s a book about the authenticity of everyday life scattered around Miami’s colorful neighborhoods.

The partnership with HistoryMiami Museum brings a collection of stories about Miamians and their lives, what they love, feel, and remember of living there. These stories will give you even deeper insight into Miami. I have also highlighted some aspects and stories that are particularly dear to me. You will read a sad story about the captive orca Lolita, about establishing Little Bahamas in the Grove, and about how the allure of Miami Beach began—as told firsthand by one who helped create the magnetic magic.

You will also learn more about Coral City Camera—a live-streaming eye on the incredible underwater world in the city’s urban midst. I hope as you turn the pages of this book, the tropical visions, poetry, and stories told here will transport you deeper and deeper into Miami’s Jungleland.

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